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    Much of the shift stems from global aspirations. By hiring execs with experience at multinationals, the Chinese figure, they’ll have a leg up when they go abroad. For instance Gome, China’s No. 2 retailer, has ambitious plans to expand. So in January it recruited Weng Xiangwei, a 37-year-old former vice-president in Morgan Stanley’s mergers-and-acquisitions team, as its strategy chief and financial guru. “When a company grows to a certain size,eve online it needs to think about more than just where to open its next store,” says Weng, a Shanghai native with a PhD in biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley.
    Some managers take a pay cut when they jump ship — although stock options often fill in the gap. That trend will accelerate as more private Chinese companies list on overseas stock markets. Deng Kangming, for example, saw his salary drop by 20% when he left his job as head of human resources at Microsoft in Beijing for a similar job at Net auctioneer Alibaba Technology, but he was granteda generous dollop of options. everquest 2 goldTwo years ago, 27-year-old Zhou Donglei took a 35% cut when she left Japan’s Softbank Infrastructure Fund in Beijing to run business development and investor relations at Shanda. “What drew me was the opportunity, definitely not the salary,” says Zhou.
    Most telling of all, Chinese companies are even starting to look overseas for talent. Michael Zhang, a 37-year-old native of Sichuan province, worked for four years at medical device maker Guidant Corp. Before being recruited as CEO of Microport Medical Co.Ever Quest 2 which makes stents used in unblocking arteries. He, in turn, hired 33-year-old Zhao Ruilin, who had joined rival device-maker Medtronic Inc.

  14. deng says:

    Scanning the brains of people in love is also helping to refine science’s grasp of love’s various forms.buy Warhammer gold Helen Fisher, a researcher at Rutgers University, and the author of a new book on love*, suggests it comes in three flavours: lust, romantic love and long-term attachment. There is some overlap but, in essence,Runescape Goldthese are separate phenomena, with their own emotional and motivational systems, and accompanying chemicals. These systems have evolved to enable, respectively, mating, pair-bonding and parenting.
    Lust, of course, involves a craving for sex. Jim Pfaus, a psychologist at Concordia University, age conan goldin Montreal, says the aftermath of lustful sex is similar to the state induced by taking opiates. A heady mix of chemical changes occurs, including increases in the levels of serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin and endogenous opioids (the body’s natural equivalent of heroin). “This may serve many functions, to relax the body, induce pleasure and satiety, and perhaps induce bonding to the very features that one has just experienced all this with”, says Dr Pfaus.
    Then there is attraction, or the state of being in love (what is sometimes known as romantic or obsessive love).aoc gold This is a refinement of mere lust that allows people to home in on a particular mate. This state is characterised by feelings of exhilaration, and intrusive, obsessive thoughts about the object of one’s affection. Some researchers suggest this mental state might share neurochemical characteristics with the manic phase of manic depression.eq2 plat Dr Fisher’s work, however, suggests that the actual behavioural patterns of those in love—such as attempting to evoke reciprocal responses in one’s loved one—resemble obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)Runescape Items.

    That raises the question of whether it is possible to “treat” this romantic state clinically, as can be done with OCD. The parents of any love-besotted teenager might want to know the answer to that. Dr Fisher suggests it might, indeed, be possible to inhibit feelings of romantic love, but only at its early stages. OCD is characterised by low levels of a chemical called serotonin. Runescape GoldDrugs such as Prozac work by keeping serotonin hanging around in the brain for longer than normal, so they might stave off romantic feelings. (This also means that people taking anti-depressants may be jeopardising their ability to fall in love.) But once romantic love begins in earnest, it is one of the strongest drives on Earth. Dr Fisher says it seems to be more powerful than hunger. A little serotonin would be unlikely to stifle it.
    Because they are independent,Runescape Items these three systems can work simultaneously—with dangerous results. As Dr Fisher explains, “you can feel deep attachment for a long-term spouse, while you feel romantic love for someone else, while you feel the sex drive in situations unrelated to either partner.” daoc platThis independence means it is possible to love more than one person at a time, a situation that leads to jealousy, adultery and divorce—though also to the possibilities of promiscuity and polygamy, with the likelihood of extra children, and thus a bigger stake in the genetic future, that those behaviours bring.cabal alz As Dr Fisher observes, “We were not built to be happy but to reproduce.”

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