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  4. nana says:

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  5. nana says:

    The day NCSX was going to begin taking reservations on the imported Japanese PSP system, I spent most of the day reloading their home page in anticipation of being one of the first to get my reservation in since most people knew the demand for the unit was going to be extremely high. I quickly got in my order when they began accepting them that afternoon and then had to patiently wait for the Japanese launch. wow goldThe day the units arrived at NCSX, they broke the news that many of us already expected, that being that the cost of the PSP was going to be much higher due to their suppliers having trouble getting in enough units to meet the high demand for the units. wow goldThis caused the already high price tag to jump dramatically. Of course that certainly didn’t stop me from okaying the new price and having my system dispatched later that day.

  6. uno says:

    chi ha detto che siamo comunisti? e anche se fosse forse confondi stalinismo con comunismo…

  7. Dannunziano says:

    Il comunismo è morto e ha fatto oltre 100 milioni di morti. Poveretti… mi fate schifo

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